In addition to providing financial assistance to campers in need, the Allen Bass Fund has supported numerous capital projects at Camp Bil-O-Wood.

New water activity – Paddleboards

For 2014-15, the Allen Bass Fund allotted $2,400 for the purchase of paddleboards as a new waterfront activity. Here are other Bil-O-Wood facilities and equipment made possible with the help of the Allen Bass Fund (please roll your mouse over the following list for photographs):

1. Rave Island – This was the hit of the waterfront in 2012. A combination of raft, trampouline, water slide and balance beam, it was just plain fun.

2. Weight Pavilion – The first project for the Allen Bass Fund, it provides a covered area for weight training.

3. Whyte Infirmary – Honoring Missy Whyte, a charter Voyaguerette, it houses the nurse's office and quarters as well as two sick rooms and a rest room.

4. Arts & Crafts Shop – It's a place where campers can explore their creativity. It also houses the camp canteen.

5. Athletic Complex – The upgraded facilities include three tennis courts and a new soccer field.

6. Sailboats – The purchase of eight Sunfish sailboats in 2005 and 2006 allows an entire cabin to sail together.

7. Personal Watercraft – This craft gives camp personnel the ability to more closely monitor water activities.

8. Ski Boat – The popularity of water skiing took off in 2009 with the purchase of this previously-owned ski boat, made possible with $10,000 from the Allen Bass Fund.

9. Basketball Courts – The Fund supported the installation of these all-weather game courts.

10. Tripping Center – It serves as the planning center and headquarters for the camp's backcountry trips.

rave island
tripping center
baskteball court
ski boat
jet ski
athletic complex
craft shop
whyte infirmary
weight pavilion